Training of Film makers on the protection of the diversity of cultural expressions in Uganda

Uganda’s film sector faces a number of challenges ranging from its informal status, inexperienced but driven by passion workforce to limited formal training background in cinematography due to lack of the requisite standards in the country, resulting into production of films that are void of the rich local cultural content while others contain content full of stereotypes.  These among others have continued to affect the film industry.

To address some of the above-mentioned challenges, UNATCOM organized and trained film script writers, film directors, producers and actors from the central region of the country on the protection of the diversity of cultural expressions. The training was held on 20th/06/2022 at Uganda National Cultural Centre/ National Theatre and 50 film producers were trained and equipped with skills and knowledge required to produce quality films and related audio-visuals that promote and protect Uganda’s cultural diversity.

Ms. Juliana Naomo Akoryo, Commissioner, Department of Culture, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development who was the Chief Guest at the training workshop in her opening remarks advised the stakeholders in the culture and film sector that amidst all the challenges that exist, they should learn to prioritize their interventions based on the actions that bring about more and positive impact and transformation in the sector and the whole country.  Additionally, she noted that the interventions should be aligned to the National Development Plan III and the Social Development Sector Plan.

Participants appreciated the scope and breadth of Uganda’s cultural Diversity and were challenged to apply their creativity and imagination in writing community stories and transforming them in to brilliant works of art for sustainable social economic development of the country.

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