Programme Execution Administration and Support (PEAS)

The organization and administration of any organization is core to its success. The PEAS programme is the engine that drives all the processes in UNATCOM and must therefore be built on solid ground. In this respect UNATCOM will put in place sound administrative machinery for the proper management of the organization and its programmes and activities. Emphasis will be put on building structures and systems tan run the organization.


To strengthen the capacity of UNATCOM to provide leadership and deliver quality services in UNESCO’s fields of competence and, to ensure the visibility of UNATCOM/UNESCO in Uganda

The strategic objectives

  1. Strengthen the capacity of UNATCOM in providing leadership and delivery of quality services in UNESCO fields of competence;
  2. Ensure the visibility of UNATCOM/UNESCO in Uganda;
  3. Increase the ability of National Commission to deliver quality services to its clients;
  4. To expand the institutional and financial capabilities of NATCOM to make itself reliant;

In the past decade, the following major achievements were realized:

  • Pursued the passing of the UNATCOM Bill into law, finally done in 2014;
  • Secured land for UNATCOM home/peace Centre;
  • Spearheaded the election of Uganda to the UNESCO Executive Board for two terms, 2006-2010 and 2014-2017;
  • Celebrated the 50th anniversary of Uganda National Commission for UNESCO and the 70th anniversary UNESCO;
  • Developed the first UNATCOM ten-year strategic plan 2007-2017;
  • Hosted the UNESCO Director General and the 12th Session of the Africa Region Director General consultations of NATCOMs on UNESCO programme and budget 2010.
  • Hosted the Education for All (EFA) High Level Forum for Eastern Africa – 2015;
  • Coordinated the East African National Commissions Capacity Building project – 2009-todate;
  • Pursued the admission of Uganda to the membership of ISESCO, finally gained in 2013;
  • Collaborated with other NATCOMs like Germany and Korea on the STEP, ESD and Peace Education projects, respectively and, with APCEIU on Global Citizenship Education;
  • Developed a client charter for UNATCOM – 2008;
  • Established the documentation center for UNATCOM – 2007;
  • Developed the UNATCOM communication strategy – 2010.
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