Handover of ICESCO Installed WASH Facilities

On 16th /06/2022, UNATCOM handed over WASH facilities installed in 10 schools in Busoga Sub region. The handover ceremony was held at St. Luliana Primary School in Kaliro District. Hon.  Dr. Joyce Moriku Kaducu officiated at the event and it was attended by the local area representatives and Kaliro District leadership (RDC, CAO LCV Chairperson etc.) and head teachers of all beneficiary institutions.

Hon. Dr. Joyce Kaducu, Minister of State for Primary Education giving her remarks during the handover of Installed WASH facilities

The intervention was funded by Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) and implemented by UNATCOM in collaboration with Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) and Conservation Efforts for Community Development (CECOD) to improve Water Sanitation and Hygiene services (WASH) and increase awareness about positive WASH hygiene activities and practices in the selected rural schools in Busoga Sub region.

A total of ten schools benefited from the intervention, one hand washing facility with 5 handwashing points and garbage bins were installed in each school and awareness sessions about positive WASH hygiene activities conducted in each school. Additionally, a good practice guide was produced and given to all schools for further guidance and continuity of the good practices. Schools that benefited from the interventions include Kawanga Primary Schools (P/S), Buyunze P/S, Nakabugu Moslem P/S, Bukanga P/S in Luuka District; St Phillips Nawaikoke P/S, St. Luliana Namejje P/S, Namwiwa Secondary School in Kaliro District; Buwunga P/S, Butumba P/S and Nakawa P/S in Bugiri District.

As highlighted in the baseline surveys conducted, the beneficiary schools were way below the ideal 1:40 handwashing facility – student ratio as nearly all the schools lacked a single handwashing facility. The implemented project has therefore filled the gap of 50 handwashing points since each handwashing facility has 5 handwashing points, thereby catering for at-least 2000 students/pupils. The impact of these handwashing stations will go a long way in improving the hygiene and sanitation of the beneficiary schools thereby creating a better learning environment- Ms. Rosie Agoi, Secretary General, Uganda National Commission for UNESCO/ICESCO

Through ECO schools Program by CECOD, St. Luliana Namejje Secondary School was awarded and recognized among the beneficiary Institutions as the best performing school in WASH Services, conservation efforts and outdoor learning where Learners are engaged in co-curricular activities through forums like debates, the Pupil’s parliament among others where they gain practical life skills in the process.

Hon. Minister  handing over the flag of ECO schools to the Headteacher St. Luliana Namejje P/S in recognition of their efforts towards conservation and outdoor learning

UNATCOM Secretariat extends its appreciation to ICESCO for funding the project,  IUIU and CECOD for taking part in the implementation of the interventions which has improved WASH services in the beneficiary institutions.

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