Engagement of Interns / Volunteers at the UNATCOM


UNESCO’s involvement with youth dates back to the creation of the Organization in 1946, when after World War II, UNESCO helped organize International volunteer youth work camps to aid reconstruction of Europe. In recognition of this, UNESCO at its 29th Session of the General Conference reaffirmed and stressed unanimous commitment to youth as a priority.

The overall objective of UNESCO’s action with and for youth is the empowerment of young persons to ensure their full participation as equal and valuable partners especially in the design of the knowledge society. This includes enabling them further their visions, creativity and aspiration in the service of society development.

Response of Uganda National Commission

It is in response to this objective that UNATCOM wishes to provide an avenue through which young people can participate in activities of UNESCO as interns and volunteers. This way the youth get involved as actors and agents in developing, implementing and evaluating UNESCO’s programmes.


The purpose of the intern/volunteer programme is to engage fresh graduates in UNESCO’s activities and give them professional experience which relates to and supplements their studies.

Intern/ volunteer

An intern/volunteer is a person who unconditionally sets out to identify with and participate in the work of UNESCO through the UNATCOM for the love, interest and passion and commitment to the work without expecting any financial or material reward. Material rewards, if they come, should be incidental to and not the primary motivation.

Depending on one’s qualifications, the assignments will relate to the Organization’s strategic activities or administrative and technical functions.


Age: Youth from a wide range of disciplines aged between 21 to 30 years are eligible to apply for 1-4 month internships at UNATCOM.
Academic qualifications and fields of interest: Internships are exclusively reserved for students who have completed their first degree or those pursuing their postgraduate degree programme (second university degree or higher) or technical/professional studies.
Languages: Excellent spoken and written knowledge of English. Knowledge of any other working languages of United Nations is an added advantage.
Computer skills: Ability to use office-related software (MS Office)
Availability: The duration of an internship will be between one and four months.

It is expected that the volunteers will be “self-recruiting” based on their interest in UNESCO affairs.
Application for internship/volunteership will be made by filling an application form available at UNATCOM Offices or downloaded from UNATCOM website , detailing one’s qualifications and desired field of work.
Applications will be considered on first come first served basis.

The following conditions shall apply to interns/ volunteers recruited to UNATCOM.

The intern/ volunteer shall be given a contract which subjects him/her to the authority of the Secretary General.
The duration of the contract will not be longer than 4 months depending on the needs of the National Commission.
The granting of internship/ volunteering opportunity should not be interpreted in anyway as a preliminary step to recruitment to the Uganda National Commission for UNESCO.

  1. UNATCOM does not remunerate or pay Interns/Volunteers.
  2. Costs and arrangements for travel, accommodation and living expenses are the responsibility of Interns/Volunteers or their sponsoring institutions.
  3. UNATCOM accepts no responsibility for the medical insurance of interns/volunteers or for costs arising from accidents and illness incurred during an internship.
  4. Interns are fully responsible for arranging at their own expense health and other forms of insurance covering the period of internship at UNATCOM.

The Interns/Volunteers shall during the period of internship respect the agreed working hours and observe the norms required of staff of the Commission such as:-

  1. Conduct themselves at all times in a manner befitting their status as public servants.
  2. Not engage in any activity that is incompatible with the proper discharge of their duties with the National Commission.
  3. Avoid any action and in particular any public pronouncement which may adversely reflect the integrity required of them.
  4. Exercise discretion in regard to all matters of official business and shall not communicate to any person unpublished information known to them by reason of their position except in the course of their duties or by authorization of the Secretary General.
  5. Confidentially and publication of information
  6. Interns are expected to respect the confidentiality of information collected or received within the National Commission.
  7. No reports or papers may be published based on the function obtained within the National Commission without written authorization of the Secretary General.

Benefits to the Intern/Volunteer

By participating in the programmes of UNESCO, the intern/ volunteer should gain in following:-

  1. Self motivation.
  2. Exposure/experience and expansion.
  3. Satisfaction and participation.
  4. Contacts and networking.
  5. Learning and training.
  6. Guidance.
  7. Intellectual understanding.
  8. Responsibility.
  9. Assessment and evaluation

If you are interested in an internship at Uganda National Commission for UNESCO please use our application form.

Download Application Form

Benefits to the organization

On the other hand, UNATCOM would also get the following benefits:-

  • Extra working capacity in daily work
  • A participant in planning and implementation of projects
    Participate in assessment/ evaluation of reports and analysis
    Contribute ideas and solution to working team(s)

Benefits to society

  • The community or society should also have a common benefit:-
  • Good citizenship among its young people, responsibility and voluntarism and resource development.
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