Preparations for Transforming Education Summit 2022

UNATCOM in collaboration with UNESCO project office in Kampala organized and convened the first in-country consultation meeting to prepare for the upcoming Transforming Education Summit 2022 with a goal of developing a shared vision, commitment and alignment of action across constituencies to transform education between now and 2030. It was held on the 21st/06/2022 at Imperial Royale

The meeting attracted key stakeholders in the education sector from the various Government Ministries Departments and Agencies, United Nations Development Partner Organizations in Uganda, Academic Institutions, student’s leaders, among others

Mr. Mohamed El Munir A. Safieldin, UNICEF Representative in Uganda, Ms. Susan Ngongi Namondo, Resident Coordinator, UNDP, Dr. Jane Egau, Director HTVET, Ministry of Education and Sports, Mr. Charles Draechabo, UNESCO Kampala Project Office Coordinator attending the 1st National Consultations meeting

The action tracks discussed during National Consultation meeting addressed five key issues: Inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools; Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession; Learning and skills for life, work and sustainable development; Digital learning and transformation; Financing of education.

The agreed action Plan ;

24 June 2022 – Working committees constituted to meet and generate recommendations per each Action Track

29 June 2022 – Planning meeting convened for the working committee to be held online

02 -09 July 2022 – Consultation undertaken with key stakeholders to review the scenarios and challenges and recommendations to transform the various tracks

10-15 July 2022 – Draft report produced and shared with stakeholders

21 July 2022 – Presentation of the report for validation at group level

29 July 2022 – UNESCO to convene a national stakeholder meeting where all the issues will be presented and ultimately a national statement arising out of all the engagements

1 August 2022 – Final statement to be shared with the Minister of Education and Sports

15 August 2022 – The final statement from Uganda sent to the UN General Assembly

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