Participation Programmes 2021/2022

Under UNESCO’s Participation and Regular Programmes, the following interventions have been implemented;

  1. Enhancing Competencies of Tutors in Primary Teachers Colleges to Integrate ESD Components in Teaching and learning Practices
  2. Assessment of Water Resources Development Impact and setting of Minimum thresholds in Uganda- A case of river Nyamugasani in Kasese
  3. Establishment of Mechanisms for Consolidation and Sustenance of Peaceful Coexistence of Communities in Post-War Northern Uganda
  4. Promotion of Gender Responsive Conservation Management and Empowerment of Women in Biosphere Reserves for Sustainable Livelihoods and peaceful Co-existence.
  5. Enhancing Knowledge and Skills on the Safety of Female Journalists and Promotion of Freedom of Expression in Uganda
  6. Building capacity of local governments in mainstreaming Culture function in Local Government Planning
  7. Detailed Topographic Mapping and Zonation of Lake Victoria Basin Ecosystem as a Transboundary Biosphere Reserve
  8. Promotion of gender Responsive STEM education in Uganda
  9. Strengthening Disaster Prevention Approaches in East Africa: Application of Artificial Intelligence in Disaster Risk Reduction
Find all reports about the above implemented Interventions HERE
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