• Established UNATCOM officially in September, 1963
  • Enrolled first Ugandan school into the Associated Schools Project (ASPnet) in 1964
  • Trained teachers on Human Rights and Peace Education from 32 schools in cooperation with Korean National Commission for UNESCO
  • Donated 4,000 pairs of “Shoes of Hope” to youth in Uganda
  • Revitalized Bark Cloth Making in Uganda (now UNESCO intangible World Heritage)
  • Started voluntary programme >>kulturweit<< in cooperation with the German National Commission for UNESCO
  • Guided and evaluated the reconstruction of the Kasubi Tombs (UNESCO World Heritage)
  • 12th Regional Conference of African National Commissions for UNESCO took place in Kampala
  • Hosted the 12th Quadrennial Conference of African National Commissions for UNESCO and Director General’s Consultation 15th -18th June 2010
  • Launched the National Implementation Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development in 2011
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2013
  • Passed the UNATCOM Act 2014
  • Celebrated UNESCO’s 70th Year Anniversary, 2015
  • Marked 70th year anniversary for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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