Goal: To support the safeguarding, promotion, development, protection and management of heritage and cultural diversity for peace and sustainable development.

The diversity of Cultural expressions in Uganda.

UNESCO subscribes to the global recognition of the place and power of culture in development and the interconnectedness of culture for promotion of unity in diversity as well as sustainable development. UNESCO has therefore placed pride of place in advocacy for culture and development particularly protecting heritage and fostering creativity. In this context, emphasis has been put on setting of policies and legal frameworks and supporting governments and cultural stakeholders to safeguard heritage, strengthen creative industries and promote cultural pluralism. In this regard, due attention is given to promotion of the ratification, domestication and operationalization of the eight UNESCO conventions on culture at country level.

To achieve this, UNESCO identified the following strategic objectives and MLAs for the culture programme:

  • Protecting, promoting and transmitting heritage: MLAs protecting, conserving and promoting and transmitting, culture, heritage and history for dialogue and development
  • Fostering creativity and the diversity of creative expressions MLA: supporting and promoting the diversity of cultural expressions, the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage, and the development of cultural and creative industries.

Specific Objectives 2018-2025

1: To protect and safeguard cultural and natural heritage.

2: To promote and support cultural and creative industries.

3: To promote cultural diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue

The core areas that culture is focused on include creativity and dialogue, world heritage, tangible and intangible heritage, cultural diversity and creative expressions, museums, underwater heritage and movable heritage. The core responsibility of UNATCOM under culture is to promote the central role of culture, heritage and creativity in order to attain peace and sustainable development.

Specific Interventions

  • Promote and support cultural and creative industries;
  • Support the creation and enforcement of an enabling legal, policy and practice environment for heritage protection;
  • Support the creation and enforcement of enabling legal, policy, and practice environment for cultural and creative industries; ¬†
  • Strengthen national capacities to promote, develop, and manage the cultural and creative industries
  • Promote education and research in cultural diversity; ¬†

  • Promote Ubuntu among the peoples and communities in Uganda;

  • Support the safeguarding and promotion of indigenous cultural heritage¬†

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