Primary School Teachers trained on the Implementation of Global Citizenship Education

UNATCOM in collaboration with National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) organized and conducted a 3 days capacity building workshop for  Primary School Teachers on the implementation of Global Citizenship Education in Kasese District from 12th-14th May 2022. The training aimed at providing educators with support for developing knowledge and skills in promoting GCED among Educators in the Primary School subsector and strengthening their professional capacity to understand, appreciate and promote the infusion of GCED concepts, attitudes and behavior into School activities, as well as reorienting the educators ‘perspectives towards a Culture of Peace through critical and reflective analysis of GCED.

The Secretary General in her opening remarks emphasized that there is need to raise a generation that respects and appreciates human rights, diversity, environmental conservation and peaceful co-existence.

“Holistic Education should give learners more than just good grades but also good morals, values, respect for one another and for the environment” Ms. Rosie Agoi, SG UNATCOM

30 selected primary school Teachers and 2 selected District Inspectors of Schools from Kasese District were trained and equipped with skills and knowledge to deliver quality Global Citizenship Education and a teachers GCED resource book was given to each school for further reference and guidance. This training builds on an earlier one which focused on P4 and P5, plans are underway to scale up to at least 300 primary schools in the four regions of the country as well as involving a review and development of more resource materials focusing on P6 and P7.

As a result of this intervention, learners will be equipped with skills to examine beliefs, develop attitudes of care and empathy for others and the environment and respect for diversity, develop values of fairness and social justice, and skills to critically analyze inequalities based on gender culture, religion, age and other issues. Participate in, and contribute to contemporary global issues at local, national and global levels as informed, engaged, responsible and responsive global citizens.

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