Training of Trainers from Districts, NFA and UWA on Promoting climate change mitigation and conservation governance in the sites prioritized for UNESCO designation:

18th to 19th July 2019.

Grand Imperial Royale Hotel

Pursuant to UNESCO’s flagship programme on fostering science for the sustainable management of Africa’s natural resources and disaster risk reduction, a mapping exercise was conducted in 2016-2017 for identification and documentation of known important Natural Sites in Uganda. As a result, more than twenty sites throughout the Country were identified as important sites that can be nominated for UNESCO designation as Biosphere Reserves or Geoparks or both under International protection due to their rich ecological and /or biodiversity heritage value that once developed can serve as a learning sites as well as socio-economic and environmental infrastructure for sustainable conservation, tourism and local Community empowerment. In that regard, a two-day Training of Trainers workshop has been organized for the host districts, zones and conservation areas within which the sites are located. 

Consultative workshop on the Implementation of the 2015 UNESCO Recommendation on the role of Museums and Collections in Uganda.


Date: 12th June 2019 Venue: Mbale (Eastern Uganda)

Date 14th June 2019  Venue: Gulu (Northern Uganda)

Monitoring Programme of the Participation Programme on Sustainable Peaceful coexistence of Post-war communities in Northern Uganda. Date: 11th -20th June 2019


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