Committee Programme

The Social and Human Science Programme Committee of the National Commission are the intellectual arm of the Commission in respect of a specific field of competence. They are created to provide expert advice and guidance to the Commission in the Social and Human Science field so that the Commission may in turn competently guide government and its partners to maximally explore the opportunities and benefits available in UNESCO

Functions of the Social and Human Science Programme Committee:

The Social and Human Science Committee will, inter alias perform the following duties;

  1. Advise the Commission on any Social and Human Science related technical and policies.
  2. Identify studies, research and innovation programmes in Social and Human Science issues
  3. Support UNATCOM in the coordination of Social and Human Science activities
  4. Review, interpret and prepare technical documentation, reports, papers, and legal instruments
  5. Review and document projects for presentation to UNESCO and other partners
  6. Mobilize actors and partners to actively participate in the UNESCO’s Social and Human Science programme
  7. Liaise with UNATCOM in Social and Human Science-related activities and participate as may require in the implementation , monitoring, review and evaluation of related programmes.
  8. Appraise and recommend Social and Human Science committee projects proposals submitted to the commission.
  9. Identify and recommend specific funding sources to UNATCOM
  10. Identify and recommend individuals and or institutions to UNATCOM for nomination/participate in UNESCO-Social and Human Science committee activities
  11. Carry out such other activities in the Social and Human Science field that may be required to help the commission achieve its objectives.
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