Upcoming Events

Participation Programme on ESD in PTC's

What: Participation Programme on Education for Sustainable Development in Primary Teachers Colleges

When: 19th-22nd April 2021

Where: Lor0

Action Officer: Secretary General, Program Officer/Education

 Mt. Elson Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Meeting

What: Mt. Elgon Transboundary Biosphere Reserve meeting between Uganda and Kenya National Commissions for UNESCO.

When: 23rd April 2021

Where: online

Time: 10:00am

Action Officer: Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, PO/Science and MAB Team

Participation Programme on Gender in Conservation

What: Partnership Programme on Gender in Conservation

When: 27th -29th April 2021

Where: Grand Imperial

Action Officer: Secretary General, ASG and PO/SS

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