Unatcom Staff Profile

The UNATCOM Secretariat is the administrative arm of the Commission headed by the Secretary General (SG). The Secretariat is responsible for the day today administration, management and operations of the Commission and works closely with the Committees of the Board and its primary partners like line ministries, departments, agencies of Government, civil society and others.

Previously the position of Secretary General was held on a permanent basis until the enactment of the 2014 UNATCOM Act a mainstream civil service job. The Act now stipulates a four-year renewable term for both the Secretary- General and the Deputy Secretary General.

The staff establishment of UNATCOM Secretariat has historically been very lean. The current establishment approved in 2006 is eleven (11) staff. The establishment is expected to grow once the UNATCOM Act of 2014 is operational.

The current staffing status of UNATCOM

  1. Secretary General (SG)
  2. Assistant Secretary General (ASG)
  3. Programme Officer, Education (PO/EDUC)
  4. Programme Officer, Natural Sciences (PO/NS)
  5. Programme Officer, Social & Human ScienceĀ  (PO/SHS)
  6. Programme Officer, Culture (PO/CLT)

  7. Programme Officer, Communication & Information (PO/C&I)

8. Senior Information Science (SIS)

9. Personal Secretary (PS)

10. Senior Accounts Assistant (SAA)

11. Copy Typist

12. Office Attendants

13. Driver

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