Strategic Plan 2018-2025

UNATCOM Strategic Plan 2018-2025

The Uganda National Commission for UNESCO (UNATCOM) Seven-Year Strategic Plan, 2018-2025, is a product of a consultative process that involved intense research, consultations and deliberations with stakeholders, technical teams, the UNATCOM Interim Board, members of programme committees, line ministries, departments and agencies of government. This approach of working together with others is in line with UNATCOM’s preferred approach for the delivery of its services.

This Strategic Plan is a roadmap UNATCOM will follow over the next seven years in making its contribution to the development of Uganda through the promotion of education, sciences, and respect for cultural diversity, human rights and freedom of expression.

The importance of education, science, culture and communication in the development of society cannot be overstated. These sectors constitute the core fields of competence for UNESCO and the Uganda National Commission for UNESCO.

The Government of Uganda attaches great importance to education, science, culture, communication and information. To this end, the Government has created an enabling environment to foster growth and development of education, sciences, culture and information and communication as depicted in the National Development Plan (II) (2015-2019), national policies and strategies inter alia.

In creating a conducive environment, the Government not only supports UNATCOM in achieving its mission, but also acknowledges and associates itself with the work and programmes of UNESCO in Uganda, particularly, those which are aligned to the objectives and aspirations of the Government of Uganda.

This UNATCOM Seven-Year Strategic Plan 2018-2025, outlines the strategic visions and goals that will help UNATCOM fulfill its mission of fostering a culture of peace in Uganda through the UNESCO’s fields of competence.  The Strategic Plan is anchored on UNATCOM’s success in the past and seeks to address the contemporary challenges of Uganda in light of the future.

The Plan is responsive to the Government’s Vision 2040 and the National Development Plan II (2015-2019), and aspirations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It is a major contribution to the building of lasting peace and sustainable development in Uganda. In implementing this plan, UNATCOM is a core ally of Government in moving Uganda to a middle-income status.

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