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The Uganda National Commission for UNESCO Documentation Center, is located within the UNATCOM Offices sitting at Embassy House, Second Floor. It is rich with publications in the various fields of UNESCO’s competences, namely; EducationNatural SciencesSocial & Human SciencesCulture, Communication & Information and Programme Execution & Support also known as PEAS. The Resource Center will support you through your journey of research works in the fields highlighted above. It also has collections comprised of both the print and online resources (e-resources – 

The Uganda National Commission for UNESCO Documentation Center is your one stop center for your information needs as you collect the literature in your field of research.


In addition to the various online platforms that we use to engage stakeholders, we have also adopted the e-resource strategy where our publications can be accessed online freely.

Other publications that can also be found in the Documentation Center are materials produced by our partners, government entities, Ministries, Department, and Agencies.

Publications of UNESCO can also be found in our Resource Center. 

Click the link below the access our Documentation Center

The Unatcom Documentation Centre

With the wide array of the collection, we are confident that we can walk with you through this journey.For more information, write back to us, or follow the different contact platforms:

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or calls: +256-414259713

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