Advocacy Sensitization and Capacity Building of Principals and Head Teachers.

GECD Uganda

By Unatcom team.

Uganda National Commission for UNESCO organized an advocacy and capacity building workshop for principals and Head teacher from institutions in the Eastern districts of Uganda at Mbale Secondary School, Mbale District.

This activity was part of the sensitization programme of institutional leaders on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) with the purpose of reaching out to many stakeholders as possible before it is (GCED) is streamlined into the Ugandan Curriculum.

The main objectives of the workshop were;

  1. To create awareness among the school principals and head teachers about GCED and
  2. To develop professional capacity of school principals and head teachers to understand, appreciate and promote the infusion of GCED concepts, attitudes and behaviours into school activities.


Despite the efforts put in to popularize GCED and equip stakeholders with relevant leadership and interpretation, there is still a gap at the level of awareness and contextualization of GCED by some stakeholders; especially school principals and head teachers.


The principle goal of the sensitization, advocacy and capacity building on GCED, for school principals and head teachers, is to develop better understanding of GCED and assist to integrate it into the school and college programmes – even before the national integration programme begins.

Sensitization, advocacy and capacity building is highlighted under Sustainable Development Goal 4 Target 7 (SDG4-target 7) and is held as an intervention after several international, technical support on the conceptual understanding of GCED is provided.
Therefore, it is imperative that school principals and head teachers be sensitized to such pertinent issues as a measure in building their capacity to implement GCED curriculum in schools and colleges.



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