Vision & Mission


A learning, cultured, informed and peaceful nation;

Learning: Continuous acquiring of skills and knowledge for survival

Cultured:  Well-groomed people

                     Ethical society of integrity

                    Society with social norms and values

                    Cherished traditions from generation to generation

Informed: Dissemination of information

                     Sharing of information

                     Reducing barriers to communication

Peaceful nation: People living in harmony and prosperity

                        People living in harmony with the environment

Mission & Values

To provide intellectual leadership, influence policy and actions in the education, science, culture and communication for peace and sustainable development in Uganda;


The Uganda National Commission for UNESCO cherishes and upholds values and principles that will ensure justice and fairness in the management of the Commission. These will guide it in the delivery of its mandate in a well-coordinated, efficient and effective manner grounded on sound, ethics, morality, transparency and consistency.

The non-exclusive values/principles guiding the work ethic at UNATCOM are:

Integrity, respect and efficiency.

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