Social & Human Science


‘To strengthen national capacity to protect and promote HRTS and to manage social transformation, peace ethics, philosophy and ethics of science and technology’


HRTS awareness and observance promoted

UNATCOM supported the functioning of the National Steering Committee for HRE in Uganda within the framework of the WPHRE by participating in the 4 quarterly committee meetings that were held at UNOHCHR and HURINET. Four (4) schools were oriented and 4 Human Rights and Peace Clubs formed in the schools as a way to popularize the strategy. The curriculum review for lower secondary is on-going.

Bioethics and Philosophy Teaching Promoted

UNATCOM as planned compiled the proposed list of committee members and developed the Concept paper currently waiting for approval.

Youth participation in UNESCO activities promoted.

In an effort to establish a functioning youth desk UNATCOM called for nomination of members, appointment them, held an induction of adhoc members, and drew the TORs for the Youth Desk. Two (2) committee meetings were held, a biennial work plan 2014-2015 and work plan FY 2013-2014 were drawn. Development of concept paper for the implementation a project on promoting a culture of peace and non violence among youth through sports is on-going.

Peace activities strengthened and promoted

UNATCOM supported the implementation of the PP on “A cultural approach to counselling perpetrators and victims of domestic violence in families and local communities” where by a Counselling Model was developed, printed, launched and disseminated to stakeholders. Also 34 Community Counsellors and Social Workers were trained.

Ongoing Activity:

Human Rights awareness and observance promoted

UNATCOM planned to support the Functioning NSC for HRE through convening Quarterly committee meetings, developing Human Rights Best Approached (HRBA) Module and publishing it and training medical professionals on the module,

The programme also intends to Pilot the strategy on HRE in schools, documenting best practices, approaches and methodologies for HRE in Uganda and Develop a national plan of action for HRE.

Social transformation and inclusion strengthened

UNATCOM planned a national women dialogue for Universities on Philosophy teaching, to revamp the MOST National Committee, and celebrate the World Philosophy Day.

 Youth participation in UNATCOM activities strengthened

Several activities were planned under this output that involve organizing a youth dialogue camp, Training the youth on social entrepreneurship and HIV prevention, Revitalization of UNESCO Clubs; and Production of an annual youth magazine.

 Peace Center activities promoted

 Under this output, UNATCOM will maintain the lawn, reinstall the chain link and establish walk ways.


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