'To promote, develop, protect, safeguard and manage heritage and cultural diversity and dialogue for peace and sustainable development.'


Cultural and Natural Heritage protected and safeguarded

Under this output, UNATCOM provided technical guidance on the reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs, monitored the reconstruction process for compliance with the Reconstruction Strategy, and attended 2 meetings. Evaluation of the ongoing reconstruction was also carried out.

Other workshops were also held including a National and 4 community trainings on inventorying indigenous Cultural Heritage (ICH ) in preparation of nomination files in four communities of Acholi, Alur, Basongora and IK and 3 monitoring visits carried out. Strategy on ICH inventorying was also produced.

Creative cultural industries promoted

UNATCOM held a one day workshop in Kampala for 60 people on the promotion of Arts Education.

Cultural diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue enhanced

Several activities were done under this output namely; the training of 48 Local Government officers and a mainstreaming Manual produced while implementing a PP 'Introduce the culture policy, mainstream culture in the District planning process and developing the Action plans for the participating Districts'. Supporting the 15th International Conference of National Trusts and publishing a report on Uganda's cultural diversity, participating at the National Culture Day 2014 celebrations on the theme 'culture, its role in employment creation: bridging the gap' and convening a workshop for cultural institutions on safeguarding Heritage and Promotion of Sustainable development.   

Ongoing Activity:

  • Continue to oversee the Reconstruction of Kasubi Royal Heritage Tombs
  • Oversee the implementation of the project on inventorying ICH of the Acholi, Alur, Basongora and IK
  • Oversee the implementation of a diagnostic study on the status of the Museum sector
  • Coordinate the development of a strategy on Arts Education
  • Oversee the implementation of the Training of creative cultural practitioners in the various domains of creative industries
  • Coordinate meetings with Traditional cultural institutions on Culture and sustainable development
  • Coordinate the building of capacity of selected districts to mainstream culture in the planning process.


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