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UNESCO-ICHEI delegation visited Uganda, Cameroon, and Namibia

Tuesday, 12th December 2017

UNESCO-ICHEI delegation, led by Professor LI Ming, Director of UNESCO-ICHEI, conducted a 10-day official visit to the Republic of Cameroon,the Republic of Uganda and the Republic of Namibia on 14-22th, November 2017.The delegation visited Ministries in charge of higher education and potential partner universities and had intensive discussion with them.

In Uganda, the delegation visited Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports and had discussion with Hon. Dr. John C. Muyingo, Minister of Statefor Higher Education and representatives from Ministry of Education and Sports and Uganda National Commission for UNESCO. Besides, Mr CHU Maoming, Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Uganda participated in the meeting and acknowledged the work ICHEI had done. The delegation then visited Makerere University, and met with vice chancellor Professor Barnabas, which contributed to the signing of Memorandum of Understanding. Invited by Professor Tonny J. Oyana, Principal of College of Computing and Information Sciences during a visit to his college,Professor LI Ming left the inscription : 'College of Computing and Information Sciences, Makerere University is taking lead in its academic research and talent cultivation mode and our delegation admires its development model and level. '

Uganda is located in east of Africa and stretched across the equator. Makerere University is the largest and best university in Uganda, and it also enjoyed its reputation as cradle for many independent leaders in African countries.



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