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Uganda promote the diversity of cultural expression

Monday, 10th October 2016

By Unatcom team,



           Uganda National Commission for UNESCO (UNATCOM) in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development (MoGLSD) organized a capacity building workshop on the 2005 Convention on the promotion of the diversity of Cultural Expression in Uganda which is in line with The United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030, on 14th, September 2016 at Arch Apartments Hotels, Ntinda.

            Being a state party to this agreement, Uganda ratified this UNESCO convention in April, 2015. The ratification intricate that member states come up with relevant policies,conduct capacity building, involve civil society, carry out research and report on the implemented activities.

             United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization, (UNESCO) meeting in Paris from 3 to 21st October 2005 at its 33rd session, affirmed that cultural diversity is a defining characteristic of humanity, Conscious that it forms a common heritage of humanity and should be cherished and preserved for the benefit of all, and therefore is a mainspring for sustainable development for nations.

           The UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions is a binding international legal instrument adopted by the UNESCO General Conference on 20th  October 2005.

           "Cultural diversity" refers to the manifold ways in which the cultures of groups and societies find expression. These expressions are passed on within and among groups and societies and manifests inform of words, sound, images, movements, objects etc. UNESCO is the only UN agency with the mandate to promote, protect and conserve culture in the world.

             Representing the Director of Culture at the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, Mr. Tollea Franco pledged continued support of the MoGLSD to the success of the convention in Uganda and urged delegates to seize the opportunity at hand to learn more about the convention and be ambassadors in promoting its awareness.

            According to Mr. Daniel Kaweesi, Culture Programme Officer at UNATCOM, International Fund for Cultural Diversity(IFCD), funds four proposals annually to the tune of USD 100,000 per project aimed at promoting Sustainable Development in developing countries who have ratified the UNESCO 2005 convention.

             Kaweesi noted that, there are 9 cultural domains, namely; Cinema/ Audiovisual arts, Dance, Media arts, Music, Performing arts, Photography, Publishing/ Books, Theater, Visual arts.

           He advised Public authorities and institutions, NGO's, Micro, small and medium enterprises to formulate fundable projects and apply for this fund which he said would benefit them and change their livelihood.

           Priority has been given to the African continent because of her low levels of development compared to the rest hence taking the lion's share of the fund, approximately 45 percent, followed by Latin America and the Caribbean at 31%, East Europe at 10%, Asia and Pacific at 8%, Arab States 4% and Multi-region/inter-region 2%. A total of 84 projects have so far been funded under this fund between 2010-2015 in the fields of audiovisual arts and performing arts.

           This workshop attracted delegates from Ministries Departments and Agencies, Religious institution, CSO's, Academia,Cultural institutions, and Private Sector Foundation.

           According to Mr. George Muganga, a Director at NCDC, the new curriculum that takes in to account creative and performing Arts is in place awaiting roll out in the academic year starting 2018 beginning with O-level classes only (S1-S4).

           Closing the one day workshop, Secretary General UNATCOM, Ms. Rosie Agoi commended all the key stakeholders involved for their tireless effort in seeing that this convention take shape in Uganda and urged Ugandans to fast track in their actions because we are 11 years (since 2005) behind schedule.

           Agoi pledged full support of UNATCOM as the secretariat for the promotion of this convention...End







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